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Types of Parties we do.

Each Disco Party that we do is tailor made to suit the children involved, however we have three main types of party formats:

Age 5 to 7    Tinys


Normally with this age group we start with Dance games like Musical Bumps, Hokey Cokey, Superman and many other types of participation games with music. As the Children build their confidence we then start dance competitions in groups, Partners or individuals. At this age we are very flexible to ensure everyone has a great time!

Age 8 to 10    Cool Kidz

With this age group we cover some of the above; however we also include more team games and competitions. We normally play popular music of the time and any special requests. With this age group it is great to have a theme to your party and ask people to dress up so give us a call and we can make some suggestions.

Age 11 to 13  Teen Zone


With this age group they are little adults so anything goes!

We play latest club sounds and have lots of surprise games to suit.

We normally suggest a play list a few days before the big day to ensure we get the type of music just right !


Large screen video discos and Lazer Karaoke.


This disco is top of the range!

We cover all of the above and also play the latest music videos on large screens

This is the latest in kid’s party entertainment and we are the first children’s disco to provide this spectacular service the ideal age for this type of disco is age 8-13


Karaoke, is great fun for all, our Karaoke listings are always up to date, and we provide several microphones for group participation

We can also provide a Red Carpet for those very special events.

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