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Handy Hints for a Successful Party



Here are some helpful hints that I have found from experience help to make a successful party.


1. Please avoid decorating the floor with balloons as this is a huge distraction and usually ends in tears!


2. Please ensure that any toddlers present are supervised by an adult for their own safety and to avoid accidents


3. Please try and keep food and drinks to the allocated break times.


4. Please try to avoid noisy novelties whilst the music is being played because it causes a distraction to the other children.


5. If you are also having a bouncy castle only have it inflated when you want the children to use it.


6. Clear all toys from the party area ( these will cause distraction ).


7. Control the sugar input ( offer a healthier option )


8. Keep the opening of presents until you get home as you are less likely to forget who they are from!

9. Relax and have fun!!

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